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Difex provides a wide range of outsourcing services

to help you create your ideal projects.


Create, plan, and design structures for a variety of purposes, such as residential, commercial, industrial, or urban landscaping.

Structural Design

We do structural design with steel, concrete, wood, glass. We design private and commercial structures from bottom to the top. We also perform structural inspections, surveys, evaluations and feasibility analysis.


We can assist you with conversions from paper to CAD, PDF to CAD, JPG/GIF to CAD, 2D and 3D conversions, raster and vector conversions as built plans, and more.

Land and Planning

We provide a variety of integrated land-use planning services, including ADA ramps and sidewalks, traffic CAD drafting, land development assistant, as well as erosion and sedimentation plans.

Animal and Farms

We assist you in the design of animal housing, irrigation systems, and greenhouses for your projects.


We manage your property, ensuring that it is well-maintained and rented to responsible tenants. We sell and rent commercial properties, buildings, and plots.

Turfgrass Management

We provide professional pest management, lawn care, grounds maintenance, and maintenance for athletic fields.

Construction Services

Construction services are performed in accordance with industry standards, ensuring your safety and the quality of your project.

Engineering Consulting Services

Collaborate with clients to identify potential solutions for structural design, site development, sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and sewerage design, hydraulic structures, erosion control, surveying, architecture, marine works, and energy requirements.

Virtual Assistant

We have a flexible work schedule that meets your needs. We work with codes such as AISC, ACI, IBC, ASCE, meeting state, county, and municipal regulations.

Hydrology and Hidraulic

We perform hydrologic and hydraulic studies for flooding, reservoir operation, detention and dam failure. We use TR-55, USDA, SCS, Rational Method.

Terrain Model

We provide a wide range of terrain models for use with Carlson civil suite, Carlson hydrology, Carlson survey, Carlson GIS, civil 3D modeling, full-depth reclamation, and digital terrain models.

Construction Management

We offer construction management services, including but not limited to: Estimates preparation, take offs, project scheduling, project documentation management.

Port Design

We involve the design of docks, ports, marinas, and decks. In addition to providing maintenance.

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